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Registration Guidelines

  • Only original research papers are permitted, and authors must ensure that their research has not been published elsewhere before submitting.
  • Authors and co-authors should notify their department heads, principals, and research guides before submitting their papers.
  • A complete list of all associations should be included in research publications.
  • Papers submitted after the registration deadline or late may be rejected.
  • Each submitted research article is reviewed by three conference reviewers and accepted only if all three reviewers agree.
  • The conference organizing committee will not publish the authors' or co-authors' names, email addresses, or other contact information without their consent.
  • The committee cannot change the names of authors or co-authors without obtaining their permission.
  • Unregistered papers are not published.
  • The organizing committee acknowledges the original author as the submitter of a research paper.
  • The committee will investigate any tips or formal complaints about the primary author of a submitted research paper and halt publication if the accusations are accurate.
  • A research article is no longer eligible for publication by the organizing committee after it has been suspended.
  • The conference does not issue travel visas and will not act as a liaison or advocate for the issue of such visas.
  • The conference will not issue refunds for registration fees paid by registrants if their travel visa application is denied.
  • Registrants may apply their registration cost to any subsequent edition of the conference within a year of the original conference.
  • The conference does not promise that registrants will receive travel visas for any specific nation.