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Author Guidelines


  • The names, affiliations and email addresses of the authors must be specified in every abstract that's submitted for consideration at the conference.
  • Authors should indicate their preference for an oral and/or poster presentation on the conference abstract submission form.
  • Abstracts submitted for either oral or poster presentation but not selected for oral communication may be transferred to poster sessions.
  • Every abstract will be inspected, scored, and either accepted for presentation or refused entirely.
  • Accepted abstracts and the author index will be published as part of the conference proceedings.
  • Authors and co-authors should expect to receive an email from the conference Editorial Board notifying them of the approval or rejection of their submitted abstracts.

Full Papers:

  • The conference offers participants the possibility to acquire international visibility for their research work by having their research papers published in a respected, high-impact publication.
  • Only articles presented at the conference and received by the deadlines and publication rules specified by the conference will be included in the Official Conference Proceedings.
  • Manuscripts will go through rigorous editorial and peer evaluations before being published, if chosen, within two to four weeks of the event's conclusion.
  • The conference Chairs and Editors will examine the validity and importance of the research conducted and the results acquired before indicating their approval or disapproval of the publication.
  • Any material submitted that does not adhere to acceptable criteria for scientific publication may be rejected for publication.
  • The conference chair/choice editor's decision to approve or reject a manuscript for publication is final and cannot be revoked.
  • Authors must have permission to provide the conference with the copyright to their manuscript for it to be published.